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Blow-Up is a 1966 British-Italian art film directed by Michelangelo Antonioni, his first to feature an English language screenplay and also the first British film to feature full frontal female nudity. David Hemmings stars. Vanessa Redgrave is also featured. The Yardbirds perform in one scene near the film's end.

The story concerns a photographer named Thomas (Hemmings) who may or may not have inadvertently preserved evidence of a murder, which may or may not involve a mysterious woman (Redgrave) who visits the photographer in his studio.

As is typical with Antonioni films, the story does not include a great deal of action, mystery, or explosive dialogue. Antonioni's visual and verbal emphasis is on the environment surrounding the principal character and how it affects him or fails to do so.

" This 1966 masterpiece by Michelangelo Antonioni (The Passenger) is set in the heady atmosphere of Swinging London, and stars David Hemmings as an unsmiling fashion photographer hooked on ephemeral meaning attached to anything: art, sex, work, relationships, drugs, events. When a real mystery falls into his lap, he probes the evidence for some reliable truth, but finds it hard to reckon with. Vanessa Redgrave plays an enigmatic woman whose desperation to cover something up only seems like one more phenomenon in Hemmings's disinterested purview. This is one of the key films of the decade, and still an unsettling and lasting experience." Tom Keogh

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