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The Man Who Haunted Himself

This disturbing fantasy is said, somewhat unkindly, by some to be the movie in which former James Bond Roger Moore finally proved that he could act.

Conservative executive Harold Pelham (a harrowing and atypical performance by Moore) is involved in a car accident and declared momentarily dead. When he's eventually released from the hospital, Pelham discovers that an exact double of him has recently been seen in places that he's never been, taken over his family, undermined his business and even begun an extramarital affair. Is Pelham being stalked by a doppelganger with a taste for the wild life or is he simply a man going insane?

The Man Who Haunted Himself was Moore's last movie before taking over the role of James Bond, as will as the final film by legendary director Basil Dearden (The Mind Benders, Dead of Night). This creepy psychological thriller is now presented in a stunning new transfer from original British vault materials and includes Roger Moore's first-ever audio commentary.

Get The Man Who Haunted Himself on DVD

Get The Man Who Haunted Himself on DVD

The Man Who
Haunted Himself
on DVD